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Dr Robert Breen

An independent consultant specialising in energy infrastructure investment appraisal: A project development manager with experience of the technical, financial and operational aspects of the energy industry, Robert provides intellectual participation to a significant degree, as client interface and Team Leader, to deliver consultancy projects to client requirements. Leading and coordinating multi-disciplinary teams, he has managed projects, for both commercial and Institutional clients, which have encompassed the supply chain from hydrocarbon reserves to natural gas distribution and markets. For major energy infrastructure investment he has been an energy sector (oil & gas) consultant to the European Investment Bank and currently advises the Asian Development Bank.

A qualified engineer, Dr Robert Breen combines technical and commercial knowledge in projects for the oil & gas sector in the design, feasibility study, economic and investment appraisal of infrastructure assets. Clients include producers, utility operators, engineering and management consultants, government Ministries and Energy Regulators, power and energy companies and large energy consumers.

Topics include: oil and associated gas production; barge-mounted processing; gas transportation as LNG and pipeline infrastructure; FLNG; gas-fired power generation; electricity grid security; gas master-plans; gas transmission system performance measurement; asset condition review and valuation; gas market analysis; transportation and storage pricing; due diligence and feasibility studies; environmental, security of supply and energy regulatory issues with EU sponsored projects in acquis countries in support of Market Reform and Regulatory Development.

Mark Hull

Mark Hull currently specialises in strategic and economic issues in the utilities, government, and industrial sectors. Specific market reform experience includes working on the launch of the Brazilian and UK wholesale electricity markets, as well as conducting efficiency reviews of electricity and gas distribution companies. As a business strategist Mark has undertaken strategic analyses of manufacturing and engineering companies, and international energy and water utilities in Europe and South America.

Mark's business experience is gained from a career that spans the commercial, manufacturing and state-owned sectors. His career includes senior roles as a corporate strategist in a global manufacturing company, a successful Managing Director of a medium-sized manufacturing company and as a government economist at the Department of Energy. Experience gained in industry was then applied in the consultancy sector as Strategy Consultant and Utility Team Leader at Coopers & Lybrand, PwC Consulting and IBM.

In addition to consulting activities, Mark is also a lead partner with Oxford Strategies and a visiting lecturer and tutor in business strategy, economics, and finance at Oxford Business College and Oxford Brookes University.

Mohan Dosanjh

Mohan Dosanjh provides engineering consultancy with specialist knowledge of the design and operation of gas-fired plant, rotating machinery and process engineering. He provides engineering advice and expert services to major energy companies, utility operators and design companies. With over 30 years’ professional engineering in the energy and process industries, he undertakes all problem solving activities related to high-pressure systems and heat transfer. Recent projects have included providing engineering expertise and business development services on gas transportation, gas fired power generation, model based diagnostics, compressed natural gas vehicle refuelling systems and dynamic process simulation. Contract work and projects have encompassed both commercial and technical aspects of oil and gas and process industry investments for clients such as Shell and BP. In addition to leading and working with multi-national engineering teams for major design and construction companies (such as Jacobs Engineering and MW Kellogg), Mohan has provided individual engineering expertise in the role of Expert Witness.

A Chartered Engineer (M.I.Mech.E.) and a Designated Competent Person in his profession, Mohan continues his professional development through presenting and co-authoring papers on gas turbine diagnostics and gas compressor design and performance.

Specific country experience: Algeria, China, Germany, Libya, Poland, Romania and Turkey.

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