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Oil, Gas and Power Projects:


Examples of Quogen Project Experience:

  • Review of electricity system security in relation to natural gas supply outages.
  • Performance measurement of a gas pipeline and compressor station system to evaluate technical capacity and to identify low-cost capacity enhancement solutions. This work incorporates on-site measurement and data analysis and the use of proprietary software to determine gas compressor, gas turbine and overall system performance under changing conditions of gas flow, pressure and temperature.
  • Provision of project manager services and gas transmission expertise to EuropeAid technical assistance programme covering EU gas transmission practices, metering and PIMS and Project Manager services provided for the co-ordination and input to the commercial (Tariff, Network Code), training and technical activities.
  • Gas transmission investment cost and benchmarking study of EU transmission system operators.
  • Project development of gas utilisation opportunities requiring outline concept specification and feasibility studies incorporating forecast NGL and LNG production from associated-gas streams, development concept for gas gathering pipelines and initial estimation of production infrastructure costs and project economics.
  • Preparation of natural gas transmission system Capacity Statements incorporating supply and demand analysis, network design review and System Operations audit in EU member states.
  • Gas transmission tariff and connection cost economics study for a GIS project for the optimised location of gas-fired power stations.
  • Analysis of gas market structures, market concentration and the evaluation of the effectiveness of regulatory frameworks for client's target countries.
  • Market liberalisation and commercial risk assessment analysis of Network Code changes with respect to their potential price and supply security impact on major energy users.
  • Geo-technical review, project economics and upstream commercial strategy development for oil field development with associated gas and LPG production opprtunities, Gulf of Guinea.
  • Commercial framework design and regulatory issues assessment for the operation of a diurnal and seasonal storage facility, UK.

Clients and Project Associates:

Quogen has delivered projects to a wide range of energy market players including: energy producers, major energy consumers and suppliers and transmission and distribution companies. In addition, Quogen has provided key expertise to industry advisers and consulting groups and training service companies.

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